Problem solving and logical thinking are kinda my thing. I’m very passionate about Tech and Design and by combining the two I strive to deliver meaningful human impact by optimising the users experience where ever I can.

As a UX/UI designer I have worked on designing customer facing apps, websites and other software tools, as well as optimising the buyer journeys on B2B websites for scale-ups. As a visual designer I have worked on rebranding big and small international brands both B2C and B2B. Creatives including entire metrostation makeovers, tram-wraps and billboards in major cities across Europe, like London, Berlin, Barcelona and Amsterdam and also many digital assets to empower those campaigns online.

I am a strong believer in good design to make lives easier, better and in general more enjoyable. Think we can mean something for each other? Send me a message or hit me up on LinkedIn.



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