Facial finder

The Facial Finder is project done for Treatwell. Research done amongst Treatwell consumers told us the majority of our consumers have no clue as to which kinds of facial treatments exist and which one works best for them. The Facial Finder is created to help educate those people by asking several questions related to their skin and conditions to then be able to refer them to the best facial treatment for their skin and budget. The Facial Finder is able to give a personalised advice based on the answers given.

Role: UI & UX design

Facial Finder intro
Facial Finder logo
Facial Finder startscreen

Mobile first

The Facial Finder is designed with a mobile first approach as the majority of our consumers visits our platform on a mobile device.

The design process started with creating wireframes and flowcharts to map out the user journey and fill in its content with our copywriters and beauty specialist.

Facial Finder mobile screens


To create an understanding overview of all the questions and possible answers, follow-up questions and final results I have created several flowcharts. These flowcharts where made for everyone and the developers to have a clear overview of the journeys.

Facial Finder userflow 1
Facial Finder Userflow 2

Responsive Design

The Facial Finder was created with a mobile first mindset as the majority of our customers visits our platform via mobile devices. But the Finder works responsively on other devices such as tablets and desktop as well.

Facial Finder dekstop design