Blossom is an app/platform created for and with healthcare and nursing staff in healthcare institutions or home-care. The Blossom app is designed to help staff with their daily tasks, take away all administrative paperwork that needs to be filled in and make it instantly accessible to those with the right authorisation.

Role: Lead design UI/UX / Identity design

Blossom App
Blossom Logo


With the team consisting of two iOs develops, one web developer, one dedicated API developer and two designers we adopted the SCRUM framework to work on this project. Working in short sprints with the different disciplines within the team working on parts of the bigger product to be build. Starting with conducting research at several hospitals throughout the Netherlands.


User tests

Based on this research we started making prototypes, starting with paper prototypes in the early stages to digital prototypes using InVision in the later stages. And the final tests done with a working demo of the product itself. These prototypes where tested with nursing staff at hospitals and nurses in training at university.

Blossom Desktop app

Design guidelines

Leading the design for this project I’ve created design guidelines to retain consistency between the iOS app and it’s desktop equivalent. The logo consists of many colours each of which are representing a certain section within the product.

Blossom brand