For Treatwell I have been working on many campaigns and projects starting from concept up to producing the final assets. Below you will find a small selection of all the works done for Treatwell.

Role: Visual design / Concepting / Art-direction / Asset creation

The book of treatwell hero

Book of Treatwell

The Book of Treatwell is a book made for the employees and newcomers to read all about the companies values, its guidelines about tone of voice and design. And the strategy, mission and vision of the company.

My role: Visual design & Illustration

Book of Treatwell
How we make people glow
Responsibility and freedom
The Book of Treatwell

Summer Sale campaign

Summer 2019 sale campaign assets. With limited time and budget we had to come up with a striking campaign.

In order to grab attention we used animation in most assets to a certain extend, using photography of people enjoying the treatment they where able to get at a much lower price. We created various assets ranging from display banners, emails to social media video's.

Role: Concept, Art-direction & asset creation


Beauty Feels campaign

After the holiday season most people are feeling the January blues. With our beauty feels campaign we let people know there is no reason to feel blue, but to keep the good feels going and going and going…

Art directing this campaign from concept to final production of several assets, including shooting video's, emails, banners and social media assets.

Role: Concept, Art-direction & asset creation


Best Treatment in Town

Salesforce is a tool our Account Managers, Sales team and CX team use to keep all information about our partners.

I have designed the dashboard in collaboration with Account Managers to determine which information needs to be visible and is most important. And what items need to easy accessible. From this dashboard they will be linked to several other tools to take action on the matters and help improve our partners.

Role: Visual design & asset creation


City Launch campaign

When opening in new cities we want to celebrate it together with our partners and our customers. During the launch event we have teams on the ground handing out goodies like, branded cupcakes and flyers.

Digital we strengthen the campaign with targeted social media ads, email and display banners.

Role: Visual design & asset creation