Treatwell out of home

With Treatwell's seasonal campaigns we often buy-in OOH media to launch and strenghten the campaign. This differs between billboards, bus, tram, metro and taxi signage. Digital billboards on the streets and in the metro.

Role: Visual design

Treatwell Abri NL
Treatwell Tram Amsterdam
Treatwell Abri NL 2

Trams & posters
in the Netherlands

During our 2018/2019 autumn/winter campaign we’ve had the opportunity to wrap an entire tram in Amsterdam. Besides that we had posters at bus and trams stops throughout Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Treatwell Billboard London

UK Billboards,
FR metro

Every season we have several big digital billboards around the major roads in London. Besides bus and taxi signage.

In France we mostly focus our OOH creatives at the metros as that’s where we have a very big reach towards our (future) costumers.

Treatwell OOH France
Treatwell Madrid metro station 2
Treatwell Madrid metro station

Callao station & Berlin tram

In Spain we’ve done a big campaign where we had the opportunity to turn an entire metro platform and it’s connecting tunnels into the Treatwell brand. Making it interactive by using the platform benches to look like a hairdressers chair, or a bench in the sauna of one of our partners salons. Besides the Callao station we had multiple billboards in the city of Madrid and Barcelona and several buses.

In Berlin we branded an entire tram into the Treatwell colours in our last spring/summer campaign. Besides several billboards within the city of Berlin.

Treatwell Tram Berlin